5 May 2016. Rohingya daily news in English broadcasting by Arkan Times Media

A Rohingya Refugee Attacked by Rakhine Extremists1:55
US Embassy Asked to Refrain Using 'Rohingya'
Myanmar Buddhists Monk Erects Another Pagoda on Disputed Land
‪#‎A‬ Rohingya man attacked by Rakhinese extremists in Ngat Choung IDP camp Pauktaw township, Arkan.
There were four Rohingya men from Ngat Choung (1)IDP camp,Pauktaw township went for fishing in the stream near by Ngat Choung camp boating with a small boat at 8:00 am 4.5.2016 at 11: 00,while they were fishing in stream,a crowed of 15 Rakhinese extremists came from punna Gyi (Rakhinese )
Village,pauktaw came holding swords,arrows and knifes and surrounded the boat Rohingya men,three fled to the camp.So they escaped and there was a man namely.Boshir Ahmad s/o U Guramiya,50 years couldn't flee and he left on the boat. So Rakhinese extremists chopped ito head of Boshir Ahmad,"We wont kill you.We are letting you a live to tell your community. That you all are guests here and you are not allowed to work and look after your family in this country as you all are guests and illegals immigrants here.Boshir Ahmad was unconscious and fell down on the floor and the IDPs of camp brought him to the camp at 3:00 pm.Boshir Ahmad is still with injuries and not having any medical assistance.

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